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How to do social bookmarking?

Social bookmarking is very important to promote business and all SEO executives are very well aware of it but one should know how to effective use this tool for the best result. There are some rules and regulation of doing social bookmarking that one should be aware of. There are some websites like reddit.com or bizsurgar.com which are very sticky which do not allow spamming or bad/duplicate content.
In order to take use of such websites, you should building up your high profile by posting high quality content in blogs, comment on them, re-share and upvote. Along with them, an attractive title, description, good keywords are the most important things to be chosen wisely.

Let’ have a look on some famous social bookmarking websites- 

  Reddit.com – It is one of the famous and widely used social booking websites. It is very tricky to post blogs on it. Getting upvotes and re-submitting post are important tasks to do. Before going further, one should understand its rules and regulation and must have sufficient karmas to easily post blogs. Posting posts of other famous website and current news will also work.

  Stumbleupon.com – It is powered by ebay.com which is a good source for getting new & instant online traffic. A registration is required to post blogs on it. Create a good profile on it and stop posting the same blogs multiple times as it will be count as spam. After blogs submission, create network in your niche. Commenting on blogs will also work.

  Delicious.com – it is also a good website to do social bookmarking. Along with posting blogs, liking, commenting and sharing are also important here. Posting current and appropriate news, preparing creative title, description and good keywords are also important task to do in Delicious.com for better result.

  Bizsugar.com – It is considered the toughest website for blogs posting. One should be very careful while posting blogs on it. Categories should be chosen wisely. Upvote and comment are also important. Write significant depiction and write innovative title.

  Scoopit.com – It is the best place for content curation and content marketing. It is very easy to post blogs as well articles with proper backlinks. It is free and easy to use. Premium plan will give few extra features. For better result, one should add images in articles; write eye-catching titles/heading with good keywords, liking & commenting on post are important tasks to do.

  Pinterest.com – it is not only a good social booking website, but a famous content division social media site. It helps in finding out content on any topics in graphical format. It is easy to use by everyone (not only SEO executives). In pininterst.com, choosing and following categories is the most important task. One should do it wisely. Contacting and following admin of the group is very important to post blogs on their page.

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